• Campania's Food and Wine

    The Campania region’s wealth of produce owes much to the varied landscapes and micro-climates. An abundance of sunshine, dry hot summers, mild winters and volcanic soil allows vineyards to flourish.

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  • Campania Olives and Oils

    Surrounded by olive trees, vineyards, fig & citrus plants, Fattoria Terranova supplies its produce exclusively to Campania Food & Wine, in the UK. Extra Virgin? Extra special!

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  • Campania Foods

    From the sumptuous durum wheat pasta to the intense fragrance and rich decisive flavours of our olive oil, our produce is delivered with a passion only matched by the enduring flavours…

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  • Campania Wines

    There are over 100 different grape varieties in Campania alone. Here we have selected some of the best wines and spirits the region has to offer…

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the food

From the intense fragrance of olive oils and the rustic taste of pasta to the tempting luxury of chocolate, our produce is delivered with a passion only matched by its enduring flavours…


the drinks

Quench your thirst and cleanse your palate with Ferrarelle sparkling mineral water, the Italian source of love…


the wine

Over a hundred varieties of grapes and centuries old wine-making traditions, brought right up to date to tantalise and thrill your palate. We select the very best for you…


the region

“…the fairest of all regions not only in Italy but in the whole world. Nothing can be softer than its climate: indeed it has spring and its flowers twice a year. Nowhere is the soil more fertile…” (Florus, 2nd Century AD)